About us

We are SaintBaby

We don't have hip advertising messages, expensive advertising campaigns or anything else.

We have strollers and here we are really great, because our cars are not only DIN EN 1988 Safety Proved. Our strollers speak for themselves. We are here to offer you the best strollers at the best price. We always offer new models. We stand for sustainability, so you will receive all spare parts for your car for 5 years. SaintBaby strollers are so good why do you need spare parts? It doesn't matter if the dog nibbles on the tire or the airline throws the car it can always happen and it is important that you can get a spare part quickly.
The easiest way to send us an email is to Info@SaintBaby.de. We respond 365 days a year within just 24-48 hours.
Of course, we are always open to ideas and suggestions.

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