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purchase advice

Purchasing advice

Purchasing advice
1) What are the general differences with strollers?

2) What should I pay attention to when buying?

3) Why a stroller from SaintBaby?

4) Do I need Isofix and what exactly is Isofix?

5) Important terms related to strollers

1) Differences in strollers
Pushchairs differ first of all in the construction. On the one hand, there are combined strollers on the other hand modular strollers.

Combined strollers are strollers that already contain the buggy mode. Here, the stroller is converted into a buggy with just a few simple steps.

Modular strollers have a frame as well as the attachments. You will always receive the baby tub as well as the buggy attachment. You can choose the baby bowl in any of our offers as needed.

Furthermore, the strollers differ in the tyres and the mobility associated with them. On the one hand, there are pushchairs with 4 fixed tyres on the other hand, also those with swivelling front wheels.

The fixed tyres are once installed in retro strollers, as it would not be technically possible to implement them otherwise and, on the other hand, often with combined strollers. The fixed tyres are particularly advantageous on uneven surfaces. This is precisely why all swivel tyres can be detected. Swivel tyres have a clear advantage in terms of manoeuvrability. Both systems have advantages and weaken. What you like better here you have to decide for yourself.

2) What should you pay attention to urgently?
The most important is compliance with the safety standard DIN EN 1988. All SaintBaby strollers meet these and exceed them in many respects.

Think about what you need beforehand. Whether it's the baby carrier or the Isofix option, think carefully about what you want. Nothing is worse than choosing the wrong delivery.

Think about the color. If you want more than one child, use a unisex color here. Also, more neutral colors are ideal if the car is to serve more than one child.

Even if it seems tempting to buy a used stroller, the danger is so great. You should therefore always pay attention to a new car. You do not know whether the article has been maintained according to the instructions or if it has been hand-made here. It's about the safety of your baby. Before you buy a used car you should always see if a cheap SaintBaby stroller would be the better choice.

3) Why a SaintBaby stroller
SaintBaby doesn't just sell strollers. SaintBaby produces strollers. Thanks to our own production, we not only always have all spare parts, but we can always work on the quality of our cars. We always check even the smallest suggestions from our customers. We try to make the use as easy as possible without satriating safety or quality. With us you also receive strollers from other manufacturers, which produce according to our specifications. We are there for you 365 days a year, because our support knows how important a quick solution is.

4) Do I need Isofix? What exactly is Isofix?
Isofix is a system of car manufacturers. It forms a fixed connection between the car seat for the baby and the body. Simply put, there are pictures in your car in which the Isofix base can snap. If you have an older car and still don't want to do without Isofix, our Isofix base can even be fixed with the strap. But what is the exact advantage of Isofix? Isofix is not only about the safe connection between the car and the car seat of the baby, but also about your time. You can easily attach the baby carrier with the strap even without isofix base, this of course takes much longer than the comfortable clicking of the seat in the base. In our opinion, it is usually only worthwhile if the baby really has to drive often.

5) Important terms around the stroller
Baby carrier : The baby carrier is the car seat or also called the baby seat

Baby bath : This is the classic stroller attachment

Buggy attachment : The buggy attachment is a separate buggy, which is fixed on the frame

Buggy mode : It is the use of a combined stroller as a buggy

Swivel tyres: This means the front wheels can rotate freely around their own axle, which increases manoeuvrability

2in1 : stroller and buggy

3in1 : stroller buggy baby carrier

4in1 : Stroller Buggy Isofix Baby Carrier Isofix Base for Your Car

Weather foot bag : cover for the legs at Buggy baby tub and baby carrier (included in all Saintbaby strollers when buying)

Sun hood : Indicates the top of the stroller or buggy

Swivel slider : This is a term of the combi stroller and means that you can lock the handle on either side of the car. So your baby can look at you in the baby tub and in the buggy in the direction of travel.

If there are any questions here, please contact us at any time.

Your Saintbaby Team

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